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What We Do

Our focus is on Nutrition, Health and Early Childhood Development.

For the past 65 years Save the Children Fund, Cape, a totally volunteer organization, has been playing a role in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable infants and children who have been orphaned, or abandoned and are malnourished and ill, due to the impoverished conditions under which they live.

I quote from the report of Dr Murray Rushmere a private general practitioner who twice annually examines every child registered on the SCF, Cape programme;

“It is clear from the records kept on each individual child that SCF Cape is making a huge impact on improving the children’s physical and mental development.”

“It is time we poured resources into small children, shifting the focus away from the time when it is too late.” - Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, Cape Times. March 27th 2014.


Malnutrition is known as the “Silent Killer” and at SCF, Cape, we focus on nutrition, a vital factor in early childhood development. We are making every effort to provide nutrition to children who live below the poverty line, to ensure both their physical and mental development. Chronic under nutrition in early childhood results in diminished cognitive and physical development, putting the child at a disadvantage for the rest of their lives.

Our organization provides every child who is registered on our SCF, Cape programme with one nutritious meal a day, throughout the year, from infancy to 6 years of age. This includes a milk formula suited to the age group of the child and e’Pap a pre-cooked porridge especially formulated to boost the nutritional status of extremely malnourished people. In addition, each family receives a supply of maize meal.

About Saving The Children
About Saving The Children


Every infant and child who is registered on our programme has been referred to us by registered social workers, health care workers, municipal clinics, hospitals, religious organizations and ward councillors, such as those listed on page 3.

Before the parent or care giver receives the nutrition products from our volunteers, each infant and child is first weighed by the professional staff member who assists SCF, Cape to assess the child’s progress and to detect any health problems. This enables the health of the child to be regularly monitored. Since the child is seen by a health worker prior to receiving the nutrition, problems relating to health or social issues are identified and are channelled in the right direction.

Children suffering from malnutrition are restored to a healthy weight through our programme. Children, who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis and other childhood diseases, require nutrition to facilitate the optimal effectiveness of antiretroviral and other medications.

Our contribution of nutrition has had a positive impact on the health status of many children in the communities we serve.

Every child registered with SCF, Cape, is examined by two private medical practitioners annually in conjunction with the clinic staff at the Nyanga and Samora Machel Clinics, to verify the health and social status of the child.

Those children who have progressed sufficiently and whose social situation has improved make way for others who are put forward by the clinics and social workers.

Organizations that refer Orphans and Vulnerable Children to SCF, Cape.

  • Department of Social Development.
  • St John’s Ambulance.
  • Weltevreden Clinic.
  • Nyanga Clinic.
  • Catholic Welfare Development.
  • Cross Roads Health Clinic.
  • Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
  • Khululeka Support Group for Children with T.B.
  • Brown’s Farm HIV/AIDS support Group.
  • Individual ward councilors.
  • Khulisa Social Solutions.
  • Mosaic Training and Healing Centre for Women.

Early Childhood Development.

Statistics estimate that only 17% of children in South Africa receive

effective preschool education.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the vital foundation phase of the education chain.

For children in poor communities access to pre schooling is limited and this is the area where intervention is most needed.

The aim of SCF Cape has upgraded 4 faltering preschool centres to enable them to provide more effective Early Childhood Development.

  • This has been successfully done with the Masikhulisane Development Centre in Samora Machal informal settlement.
  • This centre has been totally renovated. The building structure, kitchen, ablution facilities and outdoor playground received a major uplifting.
  • Education equipment was supplied and the teachers received training in the use of this equipment, thanks to The Unlimited Child.
  • This centre is provided with e ‘ Pap a nutritional porridge for the daily morning meal of the children.
  • SCF,Cape supply The Siqualo preschool daily nutrition in the form of e ‘Pap for the children.
  • The “ Baby” classroom for the above centre has been totally rebuilt and the outside surface area has been leveled. A ceiling has been installed in the Grade R classroom
  • The Forever Educare Centre. SCF, Cape has funded the construction of a new classroom which is also used for parent and community meetings.
  • Furniture and educational equipment for this classroom has been provided. Nutrition is provided for a daily breakfast.
  • SCF, Cape has paid the “registration of site fees” to the Cape Town City Council. This ensures the centre permanent hold on this property in Samora Machel.
  • The Noluthandu Preschool Centre. This preschool has been supplied with desks, chairs and some educational equipment and carpets and nutrition is provided for a daily meal.

Since 1950 Save the Children Fund, Cape has been run on a totally volunteer basis, thus ensuring that 98% of funding raised goes directly into the purchase of nutrition for our Health Nutrition and ECD projects.

About Saving The Children